Ula pronounced (oo-la), is like a diamond stuck into a gritty city wall covered in colorful used gum. Sometimes she plays the sweet sultry temptress who is a bit weathered around the edges but that only adds to her appeal. Sometimes she shocks and makes you laugh as the bad girl with the smooth silvery pipes.

An alto voice that is a bit Liza, a bit Doris Day with hints of Amy Winehouse and Billie Holiday, she always performs with a heap of character.

Ula loves things a little campy and is a huge fan of big hair, ugly sweaters, electronic music, marching bands and holidays of all kinds.

Ula performed as a wide-eyed ingenue back in her youth in the nascent neo-burlesque revival in Seattle. She performed independently as Caressa l'derriere with Burning Hearts, Divinitease and Sinner Saint burlesque. She also performed as one half of the Titillation Twins with her real life twin sister!

Ula's love affair with music began very early hearing her dad play jazz and blues piano. Her mother made up silly songs something she loves to do. Why not make life like a musical? That is her motto. Life is not complete until it is narrated by song.

In the 90's like many others she became addicted to raves and electronic music even going so far as to learn to breakdance. House music was the first genre to catch her eye and sometimes she still just has to let it out!

What do you get when you combine theatre, comedy, a little camp, a little sass and a bluesy brassy voice? Why Ula Vamps of course!