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Ula Vamps, "your silly singing showgirl!"



If Doris Day met Amy Winehouse at a burlesque show and they had a jazz baby together then voila you would have Ula Vamps!


Her original zany cabaret songs are filled with the just the right amount of naughtiness. A bluesy alto voice and comic banter will enthrall you and transport you to a vintage club full of glamorous dames, dapper fellas and oodles of flamingos. Ula loves beer and a good tongue in cheek  double entendre song as much as she adores sparkly gowns. She is forever a fan of big hair, Tiki, kitsch, pinup and swingin' cocktail soirees. Carol Burnett, Ruth Wallis and Dolly Parton are among her idols.


Since Ula came into being last year, she has graced the virtual stage for The Glam Vamps Burlesque (NY), Shenanigans Cabaret (UK) and the international performance site The Velvet Revue. Zealously she has oozed her sultry brand of schlock at a selection of premiere lounge venues in her local Boise area.


It is her mission to spread positivity, quirky colorful fun and body empowerment through song to the world. So Darling, what are you waiting for, why not become a Vamp-let today and join Ula on her sparkly cabaret journey!

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